366:1 Scarf

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A vibrant and uniquely designed scarf for the individual who loves color. It illustrates each of the 366 individual hues from my birthday color design project (@366daysofcolor) completed in the leap year of 2020. 

How it works:

White ticks along the length of the scarf indicate the months and your birthday is highlighted in text (day/month). Plus, your birthday color is featured along the edges of the scarf for an added personalization.

The design process: 

The ordering process will require the following two steps: 
1) Fill out the confidential form HERE
2) Proceed to payment



Sized at  16" x 72" (40cm x 182cm), printed with permanent reactive digital inks on 8mm 100% silk, with machine-rolled baby hem. Lightweight & machine washable.

Priced at $95 (including taxes) and FREE shipping.

As the scarf is custom designed, the turnaround time is 1 - 2 weeks.

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