Your Family Pillow

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Home decor pillows graphically designed and personalized for your family. Ideal for families of 2-8, Your Family Pillow features the names and birthdays of everyone you consider family (including pets!). Colors are integrated through my birthday color design project (@366daysofcolor) for a unique touch. 

How it works:

You have two beautiful design options to choose from, square or abstract. The square design is organized with colors displayed from oldest to youngest on the front of the pillow. The abstract design is different every time - so you know your pillow is truly one of a kind. Either design includes colored stripes on the back arranged in calendar order with birthdates displayed (mm/dd). 

The design process: 

The design will require detailed information of your family including names and birthdays. Be prepared to do a little homework!

The ordering process will require the following two steps: 
1) Fill out the confidential form HERE
2) Proceed to payment



Printed on super soft and durable velveteen, washable and made with a YKK zipper enclosure. Sized at 18” x 18” (45 cm x 45 cm). Pillowcase only.

Price: $75 CDN (including taxes) and FREE shipping.

As Your Family Pillow is custom designed, the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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